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Underneath It All_Chapter 5 (Part 4)

Finally !!!!! The final part of the final chapter...*sigh*..I'm already missing Ruka-chan ~!!!

Underneath It All_Chapter 5 (Part2)

Okay, this chapter comes in a few parts since LJ refuse to let me submit it one shot.......arggg...so tired and Ruka is not with me...Waaahhh!


Underneath It All_Chapter 5 (Part1)

I'm soooooo....tired from the loooooooong plane ride...but just vgotta do this first before I hit the sack.

Fanfic Illustration : Officemate 1


What can I say...shi_chan did it again with her sequel to roommate.

I really love this AU story of hers due to somethings I don't really wanna explain. Somehow, like her Roommate fic, it gets to me and the sequel is more or less having the save effect.

Anyway...after reading her latest update on Officemate, I can't help but draw this illustration ( the scene..I hope would be a future scene..heheh). I initially wanted to be more explicit (hahahaha...since I'm getting really good in drawing those stuff...hahahahah *bad me*!), but I'm afraid photobucket might just kick the pic out again and the poor author can't access to my  y!gallery.

Sorry...smexiness has to be minimal ^_^

So...if shi_chanis reading this, the pic is for you girl! *Consider this as an early birthday present from me and Ruka-chan*

Love..Hugs..and kisses...

OMG I've finally managed an update *sigh*.....

There is a lot of potential where this fic is concerned and I am actually going through all the possible plotlines. Gaaahhhhh...! soooo many....!!!!

Anyway, I think I've more or less adapting to one, now the question here is do I make it a happy ending or otherwise , Hmmmm......any suggestions ?

Now...on with the story....(hope you gals/guys would like it...^_^

Illustration 1 For YnM : Enemy Mine

Ok...I'm really into mthis YnM thing and had to just post this illustration here. Its sortta like a cover page for the fic, I think....

Okay...this is the next installation of my YnM fic.....

However, my knowledge of the story is restricted only to the anime and someone pointed out that there are a lot of information missed out and characters which are not shown *sigh*. So i guess I have to make do with what i know only.....

 During my vacation, both my girlfriend and I decided to watch this anime called Yami no Matsuei ( I hope I got the spelling right ). Like always, after complating the whole series, we had a discussion on the storyline and characters. And Ruka being an avid yaoi fangirl decided to convince me on the TsuzukixHisoka pairing.

Honestly, I don't like Hisoka and as far as TsuzukixHisoka pairing is concerned, I think Hisoka is a bit wee too young for him (of course this is totally my opinion). 

So, I tried convincing her of other pairings and she being her creative self told me that she WILL indulge my * Ruka fantasy no: 15 * if I can convert her into loving the crazy doctor, Muraki.

OMG...what have I gotten myself into !!!!!!!!

After weighing the prize if i win this challenge, i decided to have a go at it....Hahahahahahahaha

Soo....this is the first installation of my very frist YnM fanfic called Enemy Mine.

A/N : There will also be some illustrations just to set the mood going...^_^

OMG !!!!!!

OMG!!!!! I haven't been in LJ for almost 2 months.....
BAD ! BAD ! Kakashi20000....

OK I'm making a point to update here more often and hell, I have a lot to share with the KakaIru comm that I don't even know where to begin....

I've finished my fic *Underneath It All* and will post it to the comm...

Also, I've redrawn some of the pages in my 2nd doujinshi *My Silver Angel* since there was a plot change (complements of my girlfriend *sigh*)....will be posting that here too....

And lastly my 3rd doujinshi *The Perfect Gift*, will have to be put on hold since I've gotta finish up the 2nd doujinshi first...

Sooo many thing to do and sooooo little time.