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 During my vacation, both my girlfriend and I decided to watch this anime called Yami no Matsuei ( I hope I got the spelling right ). Like always, after complating the whole series, we had a discussion on the storyline and characters. And Ruka being an avid yaoi fangirl decided to convince me on the TsuzukixHisoka pairing.

Honestly, I don't like Hisoka and as far as TsuzukixHisoka pairing is concerned, I think Hisoka is a bit wee too young for him (of course this is totally my opinion). 

So, I tried convincing her of other pairings and she being her creative self told me that she WILL indulge my * Ruka fantasy no: 15 * if I can convert her into loving the crazy doctor, Muraki.

OMG...what have I gotten myself into !!!!!!!!

After weighing the prize if i win this challenge, i decided to have a go at it....Hahahahahahahaha

Soo....this is the first installation of my very frist YnM fanfic called Enemy Mine.

A/N : There will also be some illustrations just to set the mood going...^_^


The raven haired Shinigami was not sure why he was there.


Then again he was not even sure where there was.


Fire arabesque across the darkness around him, forming a field of blue flames which bowed and arisen into some ornate form of raging infernos that was effectively trapping his immortal soul within its blazing grasp.


Instead of fear, a strange sensation was developing in his chest; a tight feeling of contracting muscles, painful and suffocating. Due to the task at hand, he could not bring himself to care and concentrated instead in stretching his senses further around him, searching for something or someone…


It took a while before he sensed, then saw a tall figure straightening up haltingly, rising from a crouch.


The Shinigami advanced closer, trying to determine who the man was.


Through the haze, he caught a glimpse of silver hair, soft and flowing, reflecting amber against the burning wrath surrounding him. His grey cloak billowed wide against the infinitely deeper blackness.


His heart, flickered momentarily. As he approached, the figure turned and he found himself staring straight into a pair of warm grey eyes, so clear in its brilliance that was all to familiar.


How could he ever forget such eyes of rare beauty, almost mesmerizing in its intensity…..eyes that have captivated him from the first time they met.


Yes… he knew those eyes well.


And knew who they belonged too.


Gentle gaze regarded him silently from the distance before a brilliant smile crept on the other’s strikingly handsome face. Strong arms were spread wide; a gesture of invitation that the Shinigami could no longer deny.


He ran towards the man on winged feet, eager to close the distance between them.


Finally, after years of denial spurred from his confusion and fear, the Shinigami was finally free to except the inevitable; to pursue the one person that he knew could fill the empty void in his lonely existence…the only one, his heart secretly desired most…


Muraki Kazutaka.


As he leapt forward, the other man’s arms extended, reaching out for him, bringing him closer to the warmth he had longed sought for. Soft, gentle lips grazed his face, planting butterfly kisses here and there.


“ Asato ” the other whispered sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. Never in his life has his name being uttered in such an intimate way. The sound was almost a taboo, sending shivers down his spine.


His heart soared as never before while his mind drowned in the effect of the mindless sensation he was experiencing. “ ‘Taka ” he replied, tilting his head invitingly.


Soon he found himself engulfed in a strange heat when Muraki’s mouth devoured his lips in a long passionate kiss. At that moment he let his instinct took control over his hazed mind and shamelessly raised his arms and wrapped them around the other’s neck, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss.




Suddenly, lightning flashed followed by the rumbling sound of thunder. All around them the grounds began to erupt, emanating dark smoke in its wrath. Something was seriously wrong. They could sense it in the air. The once dormant surrounding was changing rapidly into a fortress of dark inferno.


Before either of them could react, the grounds shook beneath them, forcing the two apart. Then, in an instant, sprays of black flames burst around the silver haired man, trapping him in a cage of fire.


“ Kazutaka ! ” 


Without thinking of his own safety, the Shinigami charged into the deadly kekkai to aid the captive man. However, in his haste, he failed to sense the second erected barrier and crashed into it, bruising a great deal of his upper body.


“ Asato ! ” he heard Muraki cried in despair, but it did not deter him from his task. Through the corners of his eyes he realized with paralyzing fear that the fire was spreading dangerously near.


Desperate to save the man he loved, the Shinigami rammed his fists into the invisible barrier again and again, drawing blood.


“ Please stop ! ” Muraki pleaded, “ You’re hurting yourself ! ”


“ I have to break this barrier ” he answered, voice laced with pain. Blood was trickling from between his clenched fingers and he felt the burning ache emanating throughout his arms and shoulders “ I have to save you…I have to get you out ! ”


Silent tears slipped down from Muraki’s beautiful sad eyes. “ Beloved…” he began, his voice gentle and filled with acceptance “ This is my fate 


“ No ! I don’t believe that ! ” the Shinigami cried in denial, unwilling to except the inevitable. “ Your fate is with me. By my side ! ”. Tears of frustration rimmed his eyes but he was resolute not to let it fall, he could not show his weakness and fear, not in a time like this and not to Muraki.


He continued his task to no avail. The pain that his body was crying out would not be as lethal as the pain of loosing the one person he loved more than anything in the world.


“ Asato why are you doing this ? There’s nothing you can do. Just let it go ! ” The other pleaded sadly, “ Please.. ”


The Shinigami felt himself tremble. Muraki’s request has reached the kernel of his sorrow.


Throughout the years, he had always regarded the beautiful mortal as his enemy, yet there was a part of him that was telling him otherwise; asking him to look deeper into the man’s tormented soul.


Once he felt the other’s heartfelt plea, he knew he could never turn back. For him, it was a point of no return and he could never let the other man go.


“ I can’t let you go ” he said suppressing his grief “ Forgive me”


They stood facing each other as the flames engulfed the silver haired man, burning his body and soul into oblivion.


 “ I love you ”, Muraki’s lips moved, forming words made inaudible by the roaring flames. But the Shinigami understood the silent confession. He felt suddenly weak as if a part of his soul had diminished into the flames; a part of him that would always be with Muraki.


“ ‘ Taka! ” he heard himself screamed into the fire


“ Muraki !”.



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Nov. 15th, 2008 11:06 am (UTC)
so it says prologue, that means there's going to be more right? ... because you know you can't just leave it hanging there with love professed and muraki dead.
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