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OMG I've finally managed an update *sigh*.....

There is a lot of potential where this fic is concerned and I am actually going through all the possible plotlines. Gaaahhhhh...! soooo many....!!!!

Anyway, I think I've more or less adapting to one, now the question here is do I make it a happy ending or otherwise , Hmmmm......any suggestions ?

Now...on with the story....(hope you gals/guys would like it...^_^




Sitting close to Tsuzuki on the bench in the empty hallway, Hisoka could sense the myriad of emotions radiating from that silent man. It was unlike the Shinigami to be silent when it came to his thoughts and this above all worried the boy to no end.


They have been sitting there, patiently waiting outside the locked medical room for almost four hours and the tension in the surrounding air was getting uncomfortably thin. During times like theses, the young Shinigami wished that he was more eloquent with words so that he could offer some words of comfort to his despondent friend. After a few disastrous attempts which left him successfully mimicking a goldfish, Hisoka decided to do the next best thing.


What he was about to do was something so uncharacteristic of him, but hey, this is Tsuzuki, his best friend and partner.


Slowly, as not to startle the other man, the boy reached out his slender arms and wrapped them gently around Tsuzuki’s shoulders. He felt the other man stiffened at first then relaxed into the embrace. 

“ Tsuzuki, I’m always here for you ” he whispered sadly  “ You know that right ? ”


The older man nodded as silent tears ran down his face.


With his body pressed close to the other man, Hisoka found himself hit mercilessly by countless waves of unbridled emotions. It surprised him how Tsuzuki managed to hide so many feelings behind his perpetual happy puppy-dog mask.  


He closed his eyes, willing his own tears away. After all this time he thought that he was the only one affected by Muraki’s evil doings and that he was his one surviving victim. But little did he know that his dear friend was suffering a fate more traumatic than his.


The wounds Muraki inflicted on him was physical where the cursed scars could easily be seen. But, for Tsuzuki, the wounds would never heel, never scar. Muraki made sure of this by imbedding his influence deep into the man’s subconscious mind, forever tormenting the older Shinigami of his heritage and of his true dark nature.


“ I will never let him hurt you again ” Hisoka added as he held the other man tighter, feeling the conviction of his own words “ You know that too, right ? ”


Tsuzuki slowly turned towards his partner and smiled. It was a sad smile, but a smile nevertheless. “ Yeah, I know Hisoka…I know ”



*          *          *          *          *




“ Hmmm…this is interesting ” Watari said as he flicked the results of his tests. “ Here, take a look at this and tell me what you think ”


Tatsumi frowned as he carefully studied the medical charts.


Shaking his head in confusion, the Shadow Master eyed the dying man who was currently laying still on the hospital bed. When Tsuzuki had brought the white doctor in, he was surprised that the man had actually survived Touda’s flames. It was an impossible feat even for a Shinigami, yet this man…this mere mortal man had proved them all wrong.


“ Well ? ” Watari asked “ What do you think Tatsumi-san ? ”


The older Shinigami sighed. “ I don’t know. Its not normal, that’s for sure ”  


Leaning closer, the Shadow Master studied the sleeping form of their most feared enemy with a mixture of both contempt and curiosity. There was something about Muraki Kazutaka that he could not decipher. All his life and after life, he had never met a person quite like him. An enigma in his own right, the white doctor was both fascinating and dangerously lethal to behold


Who….or what are you Muraki ?


Suddenly, Muraki’s eyes fluttered and involuntarily Tatsumi found himself drawn towards the single eye that was regarding him silently. He wanted to pull back, he really did, but there was something in the depth of the grey orb which held him in a paralyzing grip. His eyes widened in shock.


There were tears glistering in the other’s eye.


“ M…Muraki ? ”


Slowly the pale lips began to move, forming almost inaudible words, a heartfelt plea that did not go unnoticed.


“ Muraki ? ”


“ P..please….please kill me b…before its too late ”


Tatsumi was taken aback. If he considered the white doctor’s track records of sadistic crimes, he was more than willing to comply with the request, but what he saw a moment ago left him doubtful of his initial intensions.


There’s something wrong here…


Could it possibly be…. ?


Venturing on his theory, the Shadow Master began to form the forbidden seals to conjure a dangerous jutsu only a man of his caliber could master.


“ Tatsumi-san ! ” Watari called out, grabbing the slender hands before they were able to complete the final seal “ This is dangerous ! He may die ! ”


“ Either way, he will die ! ”


Watari quickly released his superior’s hands, hoping that the man knew what he was doing and the implications in releasing such a jutsu on a mortal.


“ I hope you’re right, Seiichirou ” the blonde Shinigami whispered looking very much concerned as Tatsumi completed the final seals.


Once the sequence was completed, the Shadow Master concentrated on the slow burning energy emanating from his hands. He prayed to all the Gods in Meifu that his hunch was correct.


Glancing at his friend, he felt his heart clenched at the sight of the other’s worried expression.


Please trust me…he pleaded silently, I need you, of all people to trust me, Yukata


“ Tighten the straps ” Tatsumi instructed to the reluctant Shinigami as he steeled himself for what he was about to do.


Positioning his hands on Muraki’s chest, the Shadow Master took a deep breath and abruptly released a blast of energy into the other man’s limp form. At the impact, Muraki’s eyes flew opened and he started to scream in pain. 


“ Hold him down Watari ! ”


In spite of his weakened condition, the man thrashed and pulled at his bonds. Then, with a sound almost like a roar, he lunged to a sitting position throwing both the Shinigamis to the floor.


It was then that the door burst opened.


With lightening fast speed, Tsuzuki leaped to his friends’ aid and took Muraki’s arms in a steel-like grip.


“ What happened !” he demanded and dragged the white doctor down against his chest. Muraki was struggling like an animal caught in a hunter’s trap, kicking, clawing and growling ferociously. “ Hold his legs ! ” Tatsumi instructed and both Watari and Hisoka grabbed the man’s legs and pushed them down onto the bed.


“ Something in his body is fighting the jutsu ” Tatsumi explained tightening his hold on Muraki’s arm “ We have to hold him down until the jutsu has its full effect ! ”


Suddenly, as if in a spasm, Muraki‘s body stiffened and trembled convulsively. Black foams were gushing out from his mouth and then, unexpectedly he leaped forward and vomited onto the floor. Once the black content were spilt out, the white doctor fell back against Tsuzuki’s chest as limp and lifeless as a corpse.


 “ What‘s happening to him ?” Tsuzuki cried in panic.


“ I don’t know ” Tatsumi answered truthfully, his voice sounded strained


“ Look! ” Watari suddenly cried pointing towards the black substance on the floor.


The four Shinigami watched in horror as the sludge which was thrown out of Muraki’s body sizzled and slowly morphed into a strange grotesque form. Black smoke began to emanate from the creature, circling its growing form and completing its true demonic appearance.


“ What have you done ! ” shrieked the beast in anger as his burning red eyes stared angrily at the four Shinigamis “ Give him back ! ”


Instinctively Tsuzuki tightened his hold on the unconscious man. He could feel anger boiling up deep within him that he could not explain. The intense urge to protect the man in his arms was so overwhelming, outweighing all reasons or inhibitions he previously had on the whole incident


Purple eyes flashed in anger. “ Never ! ”


Never ?


Tsuzuki froze.


Where did that come from ?


Looking down at the man’s beautiful face, Tsuzuki was suddenly hit by the memory of the dream he had the previous night.


I love you Asato…Muraki’s words echoed in his mind


He knew he was threading on dangerous grounds by giving in to the feelings his dreams conjured. Muraki was his nemesis…..his enemy and the Muraki in his dreams does not exist. He was a fraction of his own imagination, nothing more.


Yet, for the likes of him, he could not bring himself to let the man go.


The demon was now laughing. “ I see that you want him for yourself Tsuzuki-san ” drawled the creature, red eyes mocking with satisfaction at Tsuzuki’s shocked expression. “ Muraki is a very beautiful man, is he not ? I’m sure he must have made an impression on you in spite of his evil doings ”


“ I feel no such thing ! ” Tsuzuki hissed his answer, face aflamed  “ In spite of what he’s done, he is still a human ! ”


The creature continued to laughed,“ Your sentiment surprises me Tsuzuki-san. But he is no longer human. Like me, he was altered a long, long time ago ”


“ How would you know of these things ? ” Tatsumi interrupted, his curiosity spiking


“ Because, we are linked in more ways than one ”


“ What do you mean ? ”


There was a short pause before the demon answered with a smile, fangs bared “ You see, Muraki Kazutaka is my brother ”


Impossible !


Could the demon possibly be…..


Tsuzuki could feel himself trembling. He wanted to challenge the demon’s claim, but somehow, deep inside him he knew that the creature was telling the truth.




“ No! I don’t care if you’re his mother ! ” Tsuzuki answered in a voice dripping with venom and making his stance clear. “ You will not have this mortal ! ”


Now the demon was really angry.


“ HE’S MINE ! ” the creature shrieked with his ruby red eyes burning with all of hell’s wrath.


Gently Tsuzuki laid the unconscious man on the floor. “ Take care of him” he said to Hisoka and got up to accept the challenge. He stepped forward, but was stopped by a firm grip on his arm.


“ Tsuzuki, lets fight this demon together ” Tatsumi offered, concern etched on his normally calm expression.


“ No, Tatsumi ” the Shinigami replied “ I think this is my fight ”


Looking into the pair of purple eyes, Tatsumi has never seen his friend so resolute. Releasing Tsuzuki’s arm, the Shadow Master reluctantly conceded and stepped back towards the rest.


Tsuzuki stood bravely alone “ If you want him. You have to go past me first ! ”


“ Have it your way then Shinigami ! ”. With a howl of rage, the demon launched itself at the waiting Shinigami.




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Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Getting good!
Love how Tsuzuki defends the helpless Muraki! The fight oughta be real good! Can't wait for the next one!
Feb. 4th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
OMG! how could you leave it at a cliffhanger!!

I so can't wait for more, please update it soon.
Feb. 4th, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)
..............I absolutely HATE cliffhangers!! *g* This chappie reminded me of that again.

BTW, did you leave those full stops and coma out on purpose? Or was that just an oversight?
Feb. 16th, 2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
i just finished watching yami no matsuei not that long ago, and am completely in love with this pairing! PLEASE update soon!
Nov. 22nd, 2009 01:30 am (UTC)
Well... This was breathtaking... Great job... But when are you going to update? Please, continue the story )
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