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I’m a guy in his mid twenties who uses his creativity as a stress buster. You see, I live/work in a corporate world where you are expected to be what they want or perceive you to be in order to move forward and upwards. And by doing so, you tend to loose your true identity in the process. As a check point in my identity crisis, I joined in LJ to remind me of who I really am…..and I’m having one hell of a fun time….hahahahahaha Also, regardless of what you may see or read in my art and fics postings, I’m stressing a crucial point that I am a straight guy….Hahahahahaha
Strengths: Creativity
Weaknesses: I don't express myself well emotionally and sometimes people tend to misunderstand me cause on the outside, I'm the epitome of coolness / coldness.
Special Skills: Creativity
Weapons: My Brain and My hands
Motto: Freedom In Creativity

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